Powerful cloud-based solution for social services case management, incident monitoring and family tracing and reunification.

We deliver Primero, a mature and open-source platform that lets social services, humanitarian, and development workers handle protection-related data with features that facilitate case management, incident monitoring, and family tracing and reunification, to you in Canada through our partner Quoin Inc.

Originally funded by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and national government partners, Primero is a progressive web app that leverages a new tech stack and builds on the experiences of thousands of users in dozens of countries.

Built by Quoin in 2014, this sophisticated web and mobile application is currently used in 60+ countries around the world. Primero combines field-proven tools, global best practices, and the latest open source technology to bring community-level protection and social services workers a user-friendly and scalable solution for their data management challenges.

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Digital Public Good

The Digital Public Goods Alliance has recognized Primero as an open-source technology that follows best practices, respects data privacy, and holds high relevance towards attaining the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Primero’s open source license means that the platform is free to use, and that source code is open for public review and collaboration.

Eliminating exclusive access and control of the system source code also enforces the security of sensitive beneficiary data, allowing partners and stakeholders to inspect and critique how the system works and how data is handled. Such transparency, in turn, increases trust and partner buy-in. Therefore, by leveraging open source technology, we can implement an information management system in a cost-effective, transparent, and sustainable manner

Features that support the principles for Responsible Data for Children such as explicit user accountability, redress, and rectification

Tailored Implementation

We will assess, configure, and deploy Primero depending on the specific requirements of your department/agency. As part of the implementation, we will provide user and administrator documentation as well as training that is purely configured to your needs.


Social services case management, incident monitoring and family tracing and reunification with comprehensive case management, document management, and reporting features.

Highly Configurable

Primero comes with built-in forms and case management workflows that can be adapted to the needs of any organization delivering social services.

Mobile & Offline Access

Primero is built as a progressive web application (PWA) that works online or offline on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones with the same user interface and no need for a separate mobile app.

Software as a Service

Primero is available as a cloud-based solution to any organization, which ensures rapid implementation, ease of customization, and immediate access to platform updates

Primero v2

User Experience

Designed for case workers and managers, Primero features a modern user interface that is fully responsive and functional in the office or the field.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Dashboards, key process indicators, and customizable reports allow administrators to track the effectiveness of interventions and adjust activities accordingly.

Data Protection

Primero is used to collect and manage sensitive information on beneficiaries. Role-based access to forms and fields complements Primero’s flexible forms and workflows, and allows an organization to ensure confidentiality.


OpenFn provides an integration and interoperability solution, and will support exchange of referrals and other case information with government systems


Primero requires no upfront or recurring license fees; organizations can configure and host the platform or engage us for a turn-key solution and lower total cost of ownership

Information Security

Primero is developed, deployed, and rigorously tested following functional and infrastructure security recommendations set out by OWASP and our hosting partner Microsoft.

Multi-Language Support

Primero is fully internationalized and facilitates the translation of the application into multiple languages via Transifex.

Professional Tech Support

Our experienced support team reduces the burden on technology staff, streamlines application upgrades, and facilitates maintenance.